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Elena Iris apartments

Welcome to ELENA-IRIS APARTMENTS, a family enterprise mainly based upon personal involvement and love. They are located in VATHI, ITHACA, at a close distance to the main seaside road, not more than 700m from the center of the town. There are two separate buildings both of traditional seven-island architecture:(’STUDIO ELENA’) includes four ground floor apartments, all certified by EOT (THE GREEK TOURIST ORGANIZATION).

All have a common garden area with both a sea and a mountain view. All apartments. At a distance of less than ten metres, the (IRIS APARTMENTS) include a ground-floor and two floor apartments with a separate balcony and sea view. All apartments are fully furnished with two, three or four beds. With their distinct benefits.


The island

Ithaca, Ionian islands, Greece

When Odysseus set off for glorious days in Troy, his beloved wife, Penelope, was left alone to unwittingly excite the appetite of men for a gorgeous queen. Before long, the palace was brimful of odious suitors who would flirt with the queen persistently. What is more, they made Penelope promise she would marry one of them. To keep them at bay, she came up with a devise: She promised she would come to a wedding with the best of them when she would have finished weaving a shroud. So, she spent the daytime weaving it and the nighttime unweaving it. Thus, doing so, she managed to stay clear of the suitors for 20 whole years, until Odysseus returned to Ithaca.

"Keep Ithaca always in your mind. Arriving there is what you are destined for" Cavafy, Ithaca

Worldwide famous as the home of Odysseus, Ithaca symbolises the return to the haven, the discovery and the fulfillment. Despite its proximity to Kefalonia, (2km northeast) it is much more peaceful, quiet and undiscovered from it, thus being an ideal place for alternative activities and a holiday living up to the standards of the most demanding ones amongst us. With its 27-kilometer long and 6.5 kilometer large mountainous surface, it boasts plenty of hiking as well as mountain bike trails in a sequence of blue and green. Scuba diving and sea kayaking are some of the options too. The beach lovers will take pleasure in a multitude of choices covering all tastes .Arriving there, VATHI, marked by the features of the local architecture, is the capital of the island and home to the maritime and folkloric museum as well as to the Archaeological Museum of Ithaca. It is built on a bay, the center of which is decorated by the tiny little island of Lazaretto, a former sanatorium and prison.


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